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Mod Building Themes (Beta)

Mod Building Themes make possible applicable building or topic for an entire city district in game Cities: Skylines. Only the building is contained in one of the selected topics will grow up in a district.
Mod Building Themes are not compatible with:
– 81 Tiles
– Runways and taxiways
– Develop simulation Overhaul
This Mod Themes Building what can be done:
– Add tab ‘Themes’ district policy panel
– Filter the buildings in the district are operating under the theme districts.
– Provides two built-in themes, “Europe” and “internationalization”
– Store building topic in an XML file ({Steam folder} \ steamapps \ common \ Cities_Skylines \ BuildingThemes.xml)
– Allows to add custom themes and extensions built into the theme through the XML configuration file (The latter will be able to user interface – see section ‘upcoming feature “)
– Saving data in XML files districts for every game saved (buildingThemesSave_ {ID} .xml). They can be found in the Steam folder {} \ steamapps \ common \ Cities_Skylines \ Cities_Data. Cloud saves support too. To delete the assignment topic just delete the files are stored. Cities Skylines Mod
– Use the tab ‘Themes’ Themes Building in mod to enable or disable the theme districts. Players can assign any number of active threads. Without the active theme for the district it would mean that any growable allowed.
– Biome’s native theme will be enabled by default (theme ‘Europe’ for the biomes ‘Europe’, topic ‘international’ to ‘Boreal’, ‘moderate’ or communities organisms ‘tropical’).
– Topic is specified across the city in the game Cities: Skylines will be applied to each new district players added automatically.
– If the player redraw district boundaries of the buildings of the district, not issue will not disappear. When it is time for them to upgrade them to level up to a building permit in the district. Themes Building mod should be compatible with most other mods to achieve the best performance.
It will not be broken by the player if the player saved games to disable it
It does not unlock European growables biomes outside Europe or vice versa. Use Unlocker European Buildings for that.
How to Add Custom Themes Themes Building mod:
We created some “Theme Mods” which automatically adds new themes. The mods do not include building model requirements! Track construction Collection is mentioned in the description mod Building Themes! Players will find new topics in policy tab ‘Themes’. Construction Theme: English terraced house. Add a theme restaurant build Britain. Do not forget to upvote rik4000 creative! Without his great work, this topic will not be able to afford it!
– Build Theme: The Neo-eclectic
Add a low-density houses built American theme. Do not forget to upvote Gutattos creative! Without his great work, this topic will not be able to afford it!
– Build Theme: The American Trailer
Add a low-density houses built American theme. Do not forget to upvote DethKwok creative! Without his great work, this topic will not be able to afford it!
– How to Add Custom Themes And Fixing The Built In Topic: Configure XML
Players can also add custom themes by editing an XML configuration. It can also disable the buildings were built in the theme.
– To find the internal name of a warehouse property, use this mod Themes Building.
– Upcoming Features:
Develop UI Manager: Allows the player to create his theme without editing XML files (supported vanilla and custom properties)

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Mod [Aris] Enhanced Garbage Truck Ai

Monitoring services to ensure that trash dumpers are sent efficiently. See more:
– [ARIS] Enhanced AI Hearse
– [ARIS] Clear Car Stuck
Compared with vanilla AI, AI this:
1. Official much as garbage trucks as needed, as long as the landfill / incinerator is incomplete. Players will no longer see the landfill / incinerator not send out machines running the garbage truck, while your city is being overrun by spam.
2. garbage truck to scavenge efficiently. For a model for trash pickups, waste collection vehicles will be dispatched to solve the model as quickly as possible. This AI will even automatically send a “backup”, if it looks like garbage trucks could not celebrate finishing work. Cities: Skylines
Outside a district
If a landfill / incinerator does not belong to any district, then:
1. Its main welcome area includes all areas within the area of ​​its effective that does not belong to a district
2. Park welcomed its side is the rest of the region with its performance
Within a district
If a landfill / incinerator is within a district, then:
1. Its primary areas are welcomed districts
2. Park welcomed its side is the area with its efficiency, is indicated by the game as a radius with the center building. The area is about 50% of a tile.
Efficiency vs urgent
The pick-up on existing priorities to achieve a good balance between work and garbage trucks as efficiently as possible vs keep your CIMS as happy as possible. When you see a sign of spam, which means that a building has become a nusance and CIMS of you are not happy about it. But if we prioritize trash removal signs as quickly as possible, we will take a big hit on overall efficiency. On the other hand, if we do the opposite, then we will ensure the maximum efficiency of the risk of loss of the abandoned buildings. The benefit is set from both approach by prioritizing the buildings have problems for the overall direction, but also allow pickups of nonproblematic buildings along the way.
Why ask Overwatch sky?
Skyline Overwatch is a highly effective surveillance framework that mods can attach to. By using it, mods attachments without having to monitor your city. This not only makes coding easier mods, but also reduces the burden of each mod on the system.
Dumpers will always give priority to the building of their own welcome area. However, there are some provisions in this general rule:
1. Between the buildings have problems (these show signs of trash) and nonproblematic people (those with no visual clue), dumpers will give priority to those who have problems with pickup
2. However, if they go through a nonproblematic along their path, they’ll pick it up first; but only if it is not behind them
3. If you have a closer building priorities, they will move toward a closer; but only when it is brought along the original
Conflict Resolution
Each landfill / incinerator is its own dispatcher. Dispatcher will try to maximize the effectiveness of all of its garbage trucks, ie reducing the chance that two garbage trucks to be sent to the same location to take. HOWEVER, just like in real life, the dispatchers of different landfills / incinerators will not call each other constantly to ensure they are not all running for the same building.

Mod Toggle Traffic Lights

Tool helps remove or add traffic lights at the intersection. Traffic lights can be added and removed any crossroads include highway and off- and on ramps of them.
There are many ways to operate this tool:
Users can click the menu button in the tool path beneath roads
Button decommissioning of the road menuActivated button in the menu path
Or users can use the shortcut Ctrl + T. This also works like pressing the button. If the menu path is not open when you press the shortcut menu opens. Press Ctrl + T again will deselect tools Convert traffic lights and close the menu path.
The keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Shift + T will enable the tools too, but not open the menu path. That means that there is no visual indication as a strong push button, but this tool is fully active. Press Ctrl + Shift + T again (or Ctrl + T) to disable engines and reenables Traffic Light tool last used. This shortcut is therefore very useful for quick changes. Press the shortcut key while the unit is operating road will act as clicking or pressing Ctrl + T – with one exception: Press Ctrl + Shift + T while the engine is operating in the menu path will not close the menu (like Ctrl + T) but chose the road-building tool.
So this shortcut similar behavior mod Turn off traffic lights before a node is added. Cities Skylines
When this tool is active, the user can hover over an intersection. This intersection will be highlighted. The highlight for the current status of traffic lights: green light means the traffic light while dark blue shows that there are no traffic lights. Notify same information is shown in the tooltip. Add it will display the original state of the traffic lights on this intersection.
To turn off traffic lights left click on an intersection. Or the user can reset the traffic lights to its original state via a right click.
Refer Shortcut:
Ctrl + T: Enable / Disable TTL by selecting the menu button in the path TTL
Ctrl + Shift + T: Enable / Disable TTL without using the buttons
Left Mouse: Turn off traffic light
Right Click: Reset the traffic lights to the default state
PageDown: Activation mode to switch the light in the tunnel
PageUp: Activation mode to switch the light on the ground
PageUp + PageDown: Activation mode to convert light above and below ground
In version 0.4.0 batch commands (add / remove / reset all the traffic lights) were introduced. These commands can be accessed via a single click on the Toggle button in the menu Traffic Light road. Please note: The command is executed right click button is clicked – there is no return.
In version 0.7.0 toggling the light in the tunnel (city skyscraper :. v 1:10) is possible. Tunneling through PageDown, go up again through PageUp, or using PageUp + PageDown if you want to convert light above and below ground on simultaneously.

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Rival Cities: Skylines Reach 50 Million Downloads

Join the game SimCity BuildIt, gamers will play a mayor role to shoulder on the construction and management of cities. Developed by EA (Electronic Arts), SimCity game BuildIt bring gamers the building features and management of cities similar original version on PC. Access to gamers through simulation game genre, the game allows players to do all what they want on their vast lands. With all the details is designed to bring true feeling of intimacy, recently hit game SimCity BuildIt landmark 50 million downloads on Google Play Market and iTunes app, a truly enviable figure. Join the SimCity BuildIt, gamers will play a mayor role to shoulder on the construction and management of cities. With his leadership, players will balance the financial, planning an empty piece of land into a bustling urban center. Additionally, gamers must solve common problems in the city really as fire, transport, evils, …
Besides, gamers will need to give your city the basic needs to ensure the happy life of the people here as electricity, water, etc .. In addition, people Players can connect with other players in order to carry out the sale, exchange resources, bring more resources to our city. SimCity is a game version BuildIt developed for smart phones and tablet PCs, game BuildIt SimCity gameplay has been changed to better suit the specific characteristics of this mobile platform. SimCity BuildIt start, players are offered a few blocks of houses, where residents of the players will build their homes. The plot is completely free, but is limited in quantity and can only build after each level up. The same applies to roads. Another difference compared to the pc version, which is the size, direction construction of these buildings can not be freely changed. This makes the city planning will become easier and easier, but on the other hand will limit the player’s creativity. Next is the factories and shops, instead of a direct contribution to the budget in taxes the city, the facility will directly create the necessary raw materials for the development of residential areas. These materials need time to build, while the amount of storage is limited, and if you do not want to wait, the player will have to spend real money unit to accelerate the production process. Cities Skylines Mod
During development of the city, the later stages will need more materials more expensive and rare, and requires much time. These materials can also be purchased from other players when you visit their city, and also can sell their surplus materials to empty warehouses or simply earn some money small.
For players looking forward to an entertaining game to kill time while waiting in public places, such as while waiting for bus, lift or break time in the classroom with your smart phone, the play brings Steam user’s social network game SimCity game BuildIt extremely appropriate. It takes only seconds to harvest, rearranging the production resources, and you will not get too concerned about his city for several hours.
Overall, the game SimCity BuildIt built on the foundation of beautiful 3D graphics, giving players the true feelings. Plus, with a 360 degree rotating camera, gamers can embrace the whole city to resolve issues quickly see the most success as he had lost, strength building.

Modtools [Fixed For V1.1]

ModTools is one game scene graph viewer and a set of tools for asset mods and author.
The main feature of ModTools is the scene explorer which allows you to examine all objects in the current scene (all GameObjects, Components and their fields, properties and methods). It works through reflection and has knowledge of most types you will encounter. You can browse deep within the object hierarchy and see and edit every variable in real-time. The scene explorer allows you to place watches on variables that are of interest which puts them in a separate window for monitoring. I advise you to check out the video above to get an idea how all of this works. This version is compatible with C: SL v1.1 and has some very interesting new features. This is my version of ModTools repair nlight’s great to make it compatible with the C: SL v1.1. We have also fixed two other mods nlight of, Improvement and Improvement Panel Mods Assets Panel. My fixes can be found right here on this page. You can also check new European Buildings Unlocker my mod!
Note: Read the initial description of the guy first before use! This can mod your save games Cities Skylines Mods corrupted.
Note: To use this mod mod you must unsubscribe nlight first original, and then subscribe to my version. They are different products Workshop
Please comment. Pull reqests welcome.
Note: if you have any errors / exceptions, please, do not paste them or output_log.txt to comment. Use pastebin or similar tool.
There are several other things that ModTools will do to make your life easier:
– A much improved debug console (F7) with an integrated stack trace viewer. You should use Unity’s Debug.Log functions[] to log to the new console and not DebugOutputPanel.
– ModTools will catch and display all of your mods’ unhandled exceptions.
– Run any C# code live from the debug console.
– Preview of textures and meshes.
– Shows the asset name for each growable building
– Allows you to easily dump the mesh and textures of any growable from its info panel
– The ModTools font as well as all colors are configurable!
– Improved Steam Workshop integration – ModTools will automatically attach the thumbnail preview image to your mod if it’s located next to your mod’s DLL and named like “PreviewImage.png”, “preview.png” or “Preview.png”. Additionally the name/ description fields will be disabled when updating your mods so they don’t erase the current ones.
– A redesigned mods list.
UPDATE 4 (7/7/2015):
Fixed: Now compatible with mods that provide options button via options API
UPDATE 3 (6/9/2015):
Added: ‘Plop’ button for BuildingInfo. Now you can plop growable assets from Scene Explorer. Just select an item from assets list (usually called ‘m_prefabs’) and put plop it to map. It will survive if it belongs to appropriate zone. Works for ploppables too.
Added: ‘Preview’ and ‘Preview LOD’ buttons for buildings, props and trees in Scene Explorer
Added: Action buttons to list items in Scene Explorer
Added: Texture size to Preview window
Added: Enabled all log channels. Now you should see more logs in output_log.txt.
Fixed: Exception in Preview window if verticles property inaccessible
UPDATE 2 (6/3/2015):
Added: Live preview of assets (mesh with textures applied)
Added: Mesh triangles count in preview window
Changed: Replaced “Dump texture+mesh” with “Preview” button in extended info panels. When “Preview” button is clicked, a preview window opens. “Dump mesh+textures” button can now be found there.
UPDATE 1 (6/1/2015):
Added: “Find in SceneExplorer” button for vehicles (thanks GitHub user Fr0sZ for this feature)
Added: “Dump texture+mesh” button for vehicles
Added: “Find in SceneExplorer” and “Dump texture+mesh” buttons and “Asset name” label for service buildings (e.g. fire departments, schools, unique buildings etc.). The buttons partially cover building description at the moment. I will probably find a better place for them.
– Source:

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Mod Challenges

The challenge is a mod that is designed to introduce some difficulty to the city skyline.
How to register before using the mod:
Click the green button “Subscribe” above. Next time, the city skyline is booted up the mod will be available in Content Manager in the main menu. This step is necessary and mandatory for you to use this mod.
Using mod:
Once the mod is challenging installation settings can be selected by navigating to the mod in content management and click on “SELECT”. A menu will appear showing all available challenges. Then you may choose a challenge and it will be activated with the next map you loaded.
Once in the game, press Ctrl + C will switch the interface.
I can make my own challenges?
YES! All the challenges are in the “Challenges.xml” file in the root game directory. Feel free to modify it to allow for the challenges more difficult or complicated.
If and when you start making your own challenges, you will need to review the main menu to update the list.
Feel free of course to submit your own challenges in the topic being discussed.
Some issues need to know:
Currently, there is some problem with loading state challenges from saving map. I would highly recommend you to start a new city or to try the challenges in a city you do not care about until I get lined up with more stable.
Plan of attack:
A rule will be additional time limit as soon as I can finish testing them. This allows the challenge to have a specified timeframe to be completed within.
Other resources / stats will be added. If you want to have an additional resource requirements of your post in the discussion thread titled “Resource Requirements / Stat”. I will update in batches, hoping week.
I want to add additional ways to create goals in each trial to allow more complex regulation requires players to constantly be in a range of values.
This mod will assist you greatly when gaming Cities: Skylines. City building game also has many other useful mod we featured on the site: This will be a useful tool to help you play the game easier.
Additionally, the mod also instructions on how to play and easy to use that you use them in the most appropriate time without spending a lot of time.
All mod are inserted links to download the player can quickly update. All to be provided free to users.
Cities: Skylines of the game is a fascinating and alluring. Earlier, Cities: Skylines has sold 250,000 copies in its first day of release and 500,000 copies in its first week, becoming the best selling game in the history of Paradox Interactive.
Also, ities: Skylines also achieved two other impressive figures is the number of game mods touched 33.569 and numbers of players participating at the same time an average of 21,000 – the figure shows the passion maze of players for Cities: Skylines.

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Mod Building Themes

This mod support players can apply for a building topic the entire district or the city where you are engaged construction. Only the building is contained in one of the selected topics will grow up in a district.
Some features of this mod:
– Add tab ‘Themes’ district policy panel in game.
– Filter the buildings in the district are operating under the theme districts.
– Provides two concepts are built in the theme, “Europe” and “internationalization”
– Store building topic in an XML file ({Steam folder} \ steamapps \ common \ Cities_Skylines \ BuildingThemes.xml)
– Allows players to add custom themes and extensions built into the theme through the XML configuration file (The latter will be able to user interface – see section ‘upcoming feature “)
– Saving data in XML files districts for every game saved (buildingThemesSave_ {ID} .xml). They can be found in the Steam folder {} \ steamapps \ common \ Cities_Skylines \ Cities_Data. Cloud saves support too. To delete the assignment topic just delete the files.
Players can use the tab ‘Themes’ to enable or disable the theme districts in this game. You can specify any number of active threads. Without the active theme for the district it would mean that any growable allowed.
Biome’s native theme will be enabled by default (theme ‘Europe’ for the biomes ‘Europe’, topic ‘international’ to ‘Boreal’, ‘moderate’ or biomes animals ‘tropical’).
Topics are specified across the city will apply for each new district you more automatic in the game Cities Skylines.
If you redraw district boundaries of the buildings of the district, not issue will not disappear. When it is time for them to upgrade them to level up to a building permit in the district.
The advantage of this mod:
– It will not corrupt your save games if you disable it
– It does not unlock European growables biomes outside Europe or vice versa. Use Unlocker European Buildings for that.
Upcoming Features:
Develop UI Manager: Allows you to create your own themes (supports vanilla and custom properties)
This mod should be 100% compatible with all other mods. If it’s not just for us.
Mods need to do to use this with a:
European buildings Unlocker (+ reverse): It fixes the biggest disappointment I had with the C: SL v1.1 – Euro building environmental limits ‘Europe’. I have also fixed assets Improvement Panel, Panel Mods improved and ModTools to make them compatible with v1.1 + add some new features. They can be found in my workshop
Check Building Level Up: This mod you to Control Your bật city development by preventing buildings from upgrading to A Certain Level. Simple select a (growable) building of your choice and click on one of the level-up and the building will not progressbars Exceed this over lock-level selected. If you select a lower level the actual coal level of the building will be bulldozed it after a while.
There are some errors in the core game code (not related to this mod) that only occurs when you download a city, then go to the main menu / esc, then load another city. We recommend that you restart the game when you want to load a different city / creating a new city!

Thứ Ba, 14 tháng 7, 2015

Mod Proper Hardness

The Cities: Skylines is one of the city builders out there most accessible and is simple to pick up and play. In fact, some might say it’s a bit too simple. There is some criticism that the game was too easy to prove. This mod will focus on the custom will to significant challenges. The employee will report to work, traffic will slow despawn, taxes will rise, fire and flooding will spread faster, and many other difficult adjustment will make the Cities: Skylines feels more realistic a little and make the city run a higher duty that it should be. Difficult configuration overhaul mod, workers must commute, traffic takes more time, the fire spread more, the building up reasonably level, side table displays exactly what players need to build up a level, adjust a lot of costs, improved system to factor income and happinness commute time, and various tweaks. Players can choose different options for each city save.
If the player is receiving income 0 means that there is a conflict with a mod that changed the building AI. This includes the “Random Name” mod!
Do not use with extension building information, this mod has included it.
Changing details:
– Added option to configure.
Add a timer wealth for residential buildings, each time an employee leaves for work or to the store it went down, the staff managed to achieve its purpose it to go up. Tax rate affects the player goes up by that amount. Must pass a threshold to level buildings, and the buildings will be removed if it gets too low (which will show land issue low value). Income depends on work CIMS (CIMS unemployment make no money, including those in school). Earnings are based on the CIM happinness, education, commute time, and health. If players are struggling to balance the budget of the players, build some parks and bus!
– Add your commute time to wait. This is not the right distance away but CIMS time they spend waiting (at the bus / train stops or in traffic).
Click on any residential building to see the wealth. It will display the (current level of wealth) / (level of wealth needed to level up)
Made it more likely for the fire to spread.
– Add floods.
New windows when players click on the building to let players know exactly what a building should be granted.
Trains are now greatly increased capacity.
Low denstiy buff plans.
Industry producing more pollution.
Making it more difficult for traffic to despawn.
Making it more difficult to get public transport CIMS to despawn.
Triple the number of residents who travel to the office.
25% progression markers cash reward.
Increased construction costs (especially highways, subways, and wonders).
Increased maintenance costs by 40%.
Greatly increased price unlock and allow 25 bricks.
Increased fund started by 30k.
Performance increase taxes on happiness.
Workers are less likely to want to do when so many cars were out, remove it.
CIMS live a little longer (seniors in the city of players), this should also have the benefit of having killed at spiky thorns.

Mod First-Person Camera

Game Cities: Skylines are increasingly asserting its position in the gaming simulations with extremely luminous milestone in turnover and in the number game is consumed. Also the game also received positive reviews from players. For gamers who are familiar with the game series offline simulation Cities Skylines perhaps merely as a recreational game in his spare time. But for some, gaming will become a nightmare when players complained hear complaints of thousands of people simultaneously.
Like the other titles in the genre, the player’s task to begin participating in the game are very simple: From an empty lot, build a prosperous city for yourself and you have many ways to do it successfully.
cities skylines
Game Cities: Skylines is a modern version of the genre classic city building with many new elements in gameplay, allowing gamers to experience the excitement and hardship when embarking on building a city from nil until becoming a metropolitan impressive.
Regarding the gameplay, the game Cities Skylines still follow the tradition of the series that is breaking and construction. You can create your own but green forests on the horizon or skyline buildings but of course if you spend the time, you’ll have a whole world for you to unleash your creative arrangement.
You will carry out the work as an architect cum urban management when you planning, zoning, building such that most reasonable to be able to fully manage the system from sending traffic, power and water to the system security, urban construction in which hand you make. However, the mayor of your life will become a lot easier with the Mod First-person camera with support. This is a tool to take you closer to its citizens than ever before. Functions in this game allows you to observe his city under a different lens extremely close, it will be nearly identical to the acts that you go.
cities skylines
After installing this mod, simply press the Tab button, players will be walking around the streets, street corners created by them, play in the park or closer to hydroelectric plants. Following the workers returned home after tiring shifts to better understand their lives.
How to use this mod:
Using the new button on the top right of the camera configuration to the first person.
Control with bindings cameras installed by default in the game.
Currently the configuration settings include:
– Customizable hot keys to switch camera modes
– Customizable hot keys to display the cursor in first person mode
– Customizable hot keys to go faster
– Integration with HideUI
– Field of view camera (does not work with resolutions up)
– Movement speed
– Mouse Sensitivity
– Invert Y-axis
– Snap with the ground and the distance from the ground
– Prevent clipping ground
– The transition animation
– Look through the eyes of any citizen or follow any vehicle in the first-person mode. Click the camera icon in the people / vehicle dashboard.
– It is a city-incense mode that switches between civil random or who commit first car.

Thứ Năm, 9 tháng 7, 2015

Mod Terraform Tool 0.8

Tool called The Terraform will help you make a “lumpy” for his city. Cities Skylines Mod are increasingly asserting its position in the online game industry with extremely luminous milestone in turnover and in the number game is consumed. For gamers who are familiar with the series to build and manage the city, game offline Cities: Skylines perhaps merely as a recreational game. But for some, gaming will become a nightmare when you have to hear grievances complained of thousands of people at once. However, the mayor of your life will become a lot easier with the official mod can be downloaded from the Steam Workshop developed by chinhcong Cities copper and installed in a valid game.
The city will not be a true city without going to places like hills, waterfalls, valleys … Make city becomes vivid and closer to reality with the mod terrain in game offline Cities: Skylines.
Tool called The Terraform will help you make a “lumpy” for his city. However, this version is in version 0.8 only, and there is still plenty of errors, but nonetheless this is a very interesting tool and will certainly be more improvements in the future. When installing this mod, you will have a tool to build the city, help ground bulging or concave depending on the interests of gamers. From there, players can build buildings like hills, crags, plateaus and valleys. Icon for creating this terrain mode icon next to “Budget and policies”. When clicked, will have a terrain opened tab allows you to create the desired surface shape, use the mouse left and right to make the picture. Gamers can also use the + / – on your keyboard to increase and decrease the impact area of ​​the mouse. Thus helping you build small models like the hill to the model more terrible slope or cliff like mountain. When built, it should be noted to the money in your account because it is quite expensive. It is best to install a mod gamers unlimited amount of Skylines and remember to save your city before was created hills because most likely you will accidentally and can not do it again. Use the key combination Shift + / – to be able to adjust better tools. The thing to remember is that you will not be able to raise, lower ground if available on the construction on that area. So if you want to build a skyscraper on a mountain, you need to build the mountain before.
Just config file located in
C: \ Users \ YOU \ AppData \ Local \ Colossal Order \ Cities_Skylines \ Addons \ mods \ TerraformTool \ TerraformTool.xml
Just paste the content below to start:
<? Xml version = “1.0” encoding = “utf-8″?>
<ConfigData xmlns: xsi = “” xmlns: xsd = “”>
<MoneyModifer> 500 </ MoneyModifer>
<Free> false </ Free>
</ ConfigData>
Settings (brush size and strength) are Remembered separately for khác tools.
You can now see what the cost is Actually while doing modifications. Also It will undo last no more change out of money if you tremble. Terraforming just stops.

Mod Auto Line Color

Automatically picks colors and names for bus, metro and train lines. Compatible with Extended Public Transport UI
Scans all your transport lines looking for lines without a custom color and name. If it finds them it’ll mark them with a different hue of the line color (e.g. blue for bus) and a line name based off the districts the line runs through.
The colors only show when you make a new line. Your lines that you made before subscribing to the mod saty the default color.
It’s always been the case since the beginning not
Self color mod does is to put a different color, except thou thyself to change. Cities Skylines Mods
Or you say that makes you a new color automatically anyway?
Some mod deactivated when you are anchored in your backup. As the slow slope mod (which allows the elevation of roads / rails etc as sparingly) remains activated in your backup even if you have disabled in the mods.
It is also possible that your mod is assigned a color to each line automatically and this information remains in your backup (because it is an information editable by the player), which would explain why so keep your line color has been set. New color picking strategy and naming are now supported, plus customization of the color lists. By default it will stick to the default line hues, but you can customize this. Settings are stored in the Cities Skylines root. After running the mod for the first time, the default settings will be placed here. Edit these and restart your game Cities Skylines Mod to use the new values.
Buses are pale. There are 3 levels of paleness, as I tend to have a lot of buses.
Metro are bright. There are 2 levels of brightness (full bright, and partly darkened).
Trains are dark.
Once the colors are exhausted the sequence repeats.
Valid values for NamingStragey are None, London or Districts. None will not set the names of the lines. London is a naming strategy inspired by transport naming schemes in London.
* Buses are named like: “9 Aldwych”, “33 Elm Heights”, “CH4 Local”
* Metro are named like: “Beech Line”, “Elm & Oak Line”, “Juliet Line”
* Trains are named like: “1X45 Westvalley”, “2G42 Elm to Grove”, “3J19 Sycamore Rail”
rtbortolin for better algorithm for picking the random colors
Mark Thomas for London naming and categorized colors

Chủ Nhật, 5 tháng 7, 2015

Mod (Asset Thumbnail) Sprite Changer

This mod allows copying Thumbnail (and tooltip) sprites from another property; allowing additon of the larger assets during game Cities: Skylines.
Property Conversion Properties Panel mod now live. When editing the junctions (and other mods that normally does not display the Properties), click “Properties” in the Info Bar to display / hide it. This also works to get it out of the way when working w / the other asset classes.
(Asset) Sprite Changer
This mod adds an entry to the Property Property Editor allows you to copy the thumbnail image and tooltip from other assets in the game Cities: Skylines.
The main purpose of this mod uses gaming is more shape to the old property and reduce the building’s curation until Colossus auto thumbnail creation feature has been implemented.
As this version instead of sprites UITextureAtlas personal assets if the currently loaded is missing any thumbnail on the paste it will also disappear from the target asset.
To use
– Load assets w / thumbnails & Asset Editor tooltip copied.
– Click Copy button at the sticky notes tooltip preview of banner / shrink.
– Load the tooltip property to get that copy & shrink in assets Editor.
– Mouse over paste, note that it will show you a preview of it will paste thumbnails.
– Touch stickers, thumbnail & tooltip of current assets override load (along with all other structures in the atlas copy)
– Verify that the desired and shrink tooltip appears on the screen before saving save.
Note: This is a stop-gap measure, do not expect everything to work. There are many places in the source code that is blatantly ‘false’ / inefishient. Some things might have been corrupted.
For example, the Property window does not automatically open the properties for some types of assets (eg, intersections). I’ve added a button ‘features open panel on the main toolbar, then I will need to add a button’ close ‘. And since the other mods (including this one to a limited extent) hook up the opening and closing ceremonies of the table that, bad things can happen …
ModTools can open the control panel …
[S] (Shoot, I’m talking to my self to make a conversion table mod. I’ll add that to the list to do, because it would be helpful in general. I would add that in addition to “automatically your default camera accordingly thumbnail views “on the long list of things can not happen any time soon.)
Some recommend the use of mod and gaming
Operating System: Microsoft Windows Vista / 7/8 / 8.1 (64-bit)
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 3.0GHz / AMD Athlon 64 X2 6400+, 3.2 GHz
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Graphics: nVIDIA GeForce GTX 260, 512 MB / ATI Radeon HD 5670, 512MB
DirectX: Version 9.0
Network: Broadband Internet Connection
Hard Drive: 4 GB available
This is the minimum conditions so that you can start playing the game Cities: Skylines smoothly without any obstacles dnags any regret.

Mod Crossings

Do CIMS cross the street without a zebra crossing? If this is part of the simulation and you need a zebra crossing to cross the road to CIMS, then by not having them automatically generate can cause problems.
Sometimes my path may be less than is formed perfectly and I could end up with a zebra crossing (striped pattern where people cross the road) after another on the way, and this can actually cause puppet my traffic. There is a “rubber” to remove any door I can think is unnecessary?
With the traffic management upcoming mod, you can set different path. This will help you a lot.
Why make your poor Cims walk more than they have to? This tip for pedestiran crossing is neat.
You know what it’s like when you’re trying to cross a street but you can’t because there’s no crossing so you have to walk to a junction on nearby crossing. It’s a pain right?
Well it’s just as much a pain for your Cims but there is a solution to help them out which was posted by KapitanWalnut. Because Cims are law abiding citizens they don’t jaywalk but you can force them to cross where you want with some road placement trickery to create pedestrian crossings as demonstrated in this well explained guide.
This mod gameplay Cities Skylines allows you to places on road crossings at locations other than intersections and transitions between road (where they are set automatically). The move now is easy to install mod.
How to use this mod: To cross the intersection, go Roads. Below these buttons lets you select straight, curved and so now there is a button with an icon for pedestrians on it. This choice and you can book crossings at most locations the same place you can now create an intersection.
To remove a setting, simply click on it using the same tools that you can complete.
This mod is compatible with all other mods traffic management. In particular, we have carried out test it with:
* Convert traffic lights
* Extend Road Upgrade
* US Transportation
* Line Color Changer
At the same time it works well with:
* Traffic ++
* Traffic management Mod (but do not try to match their style with these – that is where you will hit problems)
Known bugs:
* For some reason the first time you put a crossing, the road briefly flashing. The next location was good, though.
* The texture through topical look at the center on the 4 lane road, but 2 and 6 lane roads are fine.
Improvements in Future:
* Added tooltips for when one falls can not be built
* Stop signs appear at the street door
* The building features that would be destroyed by crossing (which sometimes can occur on curves because of the curvature change a bit).

Thứ Ba, 30 tháng 6, 2015

Mod Mesh Info

Games Cities Skylines Mod  is a game to be released for PC and genre city construction developed by the company Colossal Order. While new launches this year, but this game has caused a lot of attention and become the most popular game today. Gamers will be performing the duties as an expert on urban planning. For yourself to build a city with the design logic and scientific truth. Public buildings located, placed where roads … It all depends on planning and implementation. Roads can be built straight or freeform and cities do not need to stick to the grid diagrams. Different road width will accommodate different traffic volume, and variations of these sugars as reducing noise pollution or increasing property values ​​in the surrounding area that construction costs increase for City of friends.
Custom mod through the addition of user-generated content as buildings or vehicles, are supported in the Skylines. Players can download the content on this page of our words. And below is the text of an essential mod for this game are: Mesh Info. You’ve tried to learn concepts optimized custom property is like. This mod will help users to customize their property and help creators to optimize their work for the games they participate. A new feature in this mod that is: If the steam overlay is enabled, double clicking the page name will open the workshop of property you want. The original idea of ​​this mod is derived from aubergine10.
Instructions on how to use the mod so that the most effective:
– Please Load a saved game and then hit Ctrl + M to display dashboard
You should note a small detail is: It does not work on managing the menu / main content. The property must be loaded into memory for information. The panel will only appear in the game. Weight represents the density of the triangles per cubic meter (triangle / m³). It is a better representation of the optimization of the assets compared with the number of triangles alone because it takes into account the size of the object. A larger audience will usually have better geometry.
However, because the weight is red does not mean the property is necessarily bad. Just as it is very detailed and can affect more performances. These colors are intended to serve as a guideline for asset planners to determine how their work is optimized for games. In the majority of asset default (see super secret key combination) weighing less than 100 and rarely above 200. For Lods it is about 5 and 10. It is the reference value I got for the color. Gray number is Steam ID. You can copy it and edit the url in your browser to access the property page of the workshop. <SteamID>
In addition, the super secret key combination Ctrl + Alt + Shift + M will show the default properties along with custom accessories!
Additional planned in future
– Box Search
– Preview Live

Mod Ambient Sounds Tuner

Marginalized game not only can disable the sound of wind, but you can also change the volume of each sound category in your game. Bored listening to the sound of wind when zoomed, but the players still want to hear ambient sound while gaming? This mod will allow players to adjust each ambient sound different types separately entering this game. After installing this mod to the game and go to the audio setup, players will see a new button that appears opens a new window, where you can change the volume of all the sounds around and the effect sound to the game.
Steam Workshop and to register with the mod, it will install automatically. This will also keep it updated with newer versions. If you want to do it by hand, you can copy this repo, compile the code yourself and to the DLL file in your mods folder
Technically, the title Ambient Sounds Tuner is not right anymore since the first update after the initial release, the ability to adjust the sound effects are added. But the old name was set in stone, so players will just go with it. Just keep in mind that the buttons in the options sound in this game is now called Sounds Tuner Tuner instead of Ambient Sounds. Although it is not necessary, if the nodes are not shown after activation, try to restart the game cities skylines mods. This mod is basically set the mass of each siren to 0 in the same position as any Ambient Sounds Tuner. However, Ambient Sounds Tuner allows users to customize the volume of each sound effect according to the user’s preferences. So SilenceObnoxiousSirens is not necessary when using Ambient Sounds Tuner.
This mod is based on version 1.1.0 of the city skyline, and it does not guarantee that it will work on future versions. I’ll try to keep it as updated as newer versions have been released however. If a newer version of the skyscraper city break your game, do not worry. This mod should not disrupt the user’s savings (as far as I know). Just disable the mod in this period until an updated version of this mod is released.  This mod in the game should be compatible with all the mods, as long as they do not change the following:
The value of AudioManager.instance.m_properties.m_ambients.
M_audioInfo values ​​within a EffectInfo it is a SoundEffect.
This mod is basically set the mass of each siren to 0 in the same position as any Ambient Sounds Tuner. However, Ambient Sounds Tuner allows players to customize the volume of each sound effect player’s liking. So SilenceObnoxiousSirens is not necessary when using Ambient Sounds Tuner.
In the process of installing and using this mod, if found any errors in the process of use, please report it to us. We are happy for their cooperation and your trust.

Thứ Ba, 23 tháng 6, 2015

Mod Enhanced Build Panel (V1.1 Safe)

Update mod will not take effect until you completely exit the game!
You must click on the mind when hundreds of times to “move” through your thumbnails?
You can find a great new entry in the workshop and are filled with fear with other ideas to add to the mix click?
Mod below will help you do that. This is an updated version of Improvement Panel building from nlight. Mod was removed from the steam at some point, I’ve updated the code and now sent it to those who are suffering from carpal tunnel.
– Describe the mod:
This mod allows players to resize and move the construction board (the property owners) during game play. It also lets you move with your mouse wheel anywhere in the screenshot.
– The plate is supported in the mod?
Panels are supported
Roads, Avenues, highways, intersections
Water / Wastewater
Mass Transit
The park
The unique building
– Manipulation
Press and hold the CTRL key LEFT
Press and hold the left mouse button in any activity one (not disabled) assets in the window.
Continue to hold both LEFT CTRL key and mouse button down, move the mouse to drag the window.
Release the button when you are satisfied with the position.
– Guidance
Back up your saved game. This mod does not touch anything that they should corrupt, but you should back them up anyway. If they get damaged, I can not fix them.
-Change The size Panel
Locate the two small arrow in the lower right corner of the panel directly below the scroll bar.
Press and hold the left mouse button on the arrows.
Continue to hold the left mouse button and drag to resize the window.
If you decide you like it, please be so kind and never hit the thumb on the little guy right up there under the screenshot. And click on it so small. It will make him shine. If you do that, dogs and unicorns play in the field together. If you have problems, please post them than just unsubscribe. Your feedback on bugs and compatibility issues, just to enrich the entire community.
– Compatibility Matrix mod:
Compatible incompatible Mixed Reports
modTools roll Toolbar *
* Scroll Toolbar: Inaccurate incompatibility, it just does not work on my plate, but since my plate was allowed to move them not contradictory and can improve the overall experience.
Please download and use this mod. Use it and play a game with it, it might be a small correction, but I believe it is also helpful in the long run.
Subscribe to our page regularly for timely updates of new mod. The mod will get us posted with detailed guidelines on the functions, tasks and how to perform … The mod will help you play games easily and earn higher achievement.
The mod are posted and downloaded for free. We enclose your source for easy use. I wish you success with this game Cities: Skylines.

Mod Scrollable Toolbar

Players can destroy your left mouse button for all that clicking on the right arrow on the toolbar, just to get that piece of road is the road near the end? All that will not happen! This mod allows mouse scroll wheel in the toolbar. Now players can save their precious mouse and your precious time when playing this game Cities Skylines. This mod patches user interface toolbar in such a way, that move with the mouse becomes possible. It does not matter which players hover with your mouse, as long as it’s on the toolbar. Therefore, it should be compatible with most, if not all, mods here. If a mod happen to use user interface toolbar similar to the game itself (like Traffic ++), then this mod will work for the user interface of this mod too.
This mod is based on version 1.1.0 of the city skyline, and it does not guarantee that it will work on future versions. I’ll try to keep it as updated as newer versions have been released however.
If a newer version of the skyscraper city break your game, do not worry. This mod should not break your savings (as far as I know). Just disable the mod in this period until an updated version of this mod is released
The function of mods
Patch panels vanilla toolbar to be scrolled with the mouse wheel.
Add a small button in the upper right corner of the toolbar allows players to switch between normal width and width expansion. However, note that this feature will automatically disable partially or completely if other mods change the toolbar. This mod should be compatible with all the mods, as long as they do not change the following:
Detouring of UIInput.MouseHandler.ProcessInput ()
Changing tables in the toolbar in a manner such that this mod can not find the container it must patch again (UIScrollablePanel in TSContainer)
Special support:
Traffic ++ (automatic, since it uses the same user interface as the game itself)
Support limitations:
Strengthen building Panel
Only the panels that enhance the building Panel does not overwrite, supported by roll Toolbar.
Players can find the power button for a second show sometimes it is not deemed to be, but it’s nothing to worry about.
Leather Sapphire
The feature to switch the toolbar width is disabled. We can not guarantee that it works for all skin types out there (and skin can drastically change the layout!).
Although roll Toolbar has limited functionality with the mods, roll Toolbar will work well with the mods.
Please keep in mind that setting up the development environment of the player is a little different from the wiki city skyline. Instead of hardcoding dependent on the solution file, the player must specify the path yourself as a user profile will not be pushed to the repo. To do this, after the player has opened the project in Visual Studio, go to the project settings, the path references, and more steamapps / Common / Cities_Skylines / Cities_Data / Management folder.
Also, avoid adding references hardcoded in the solution file if players want to send a pull request.

Thứ Ba, 16 tháng 6, 2015

Mod Sapphire – Ui Skin Framework

Sapphire is a framework that allows complete regeneration of the skin layer user interface of the game by using a language similar to HTML and CSS.
Create a new skin for Sapphire
Make a new skin for Sapphire is a transition. Below is an overview of the steps necessary to create a skin:
1.2 Navigate to Skins / Emerald folder.
Copy the contents of this folder to the C: mods S.
The mods folder is a different place, depending on your operating system, here’s a list to help:
Windows – C: \ Users \ <USERNAME YOU> \ AppData \ Local \ Colossal self \ Cities_Skylines \ Addons \ mods \
Linux – ~ / .local / share / Colossal Order / Cities_Skylines / Addons / Mods
OSX – / users / Support Library / Application / Colossal Order / Cities_Skylines / Addons / Mods
Mods /
Emerald /
_SapphireSkin /
Modules /
Sprites /
Source /
After stepping through the skin should be shown in the list in-game skin Sapphire.
2. Edit SapphireSkin.cs
Open Source / SapphireSkin.cs and name of your skin and describe where it says YourSkinName and YourSkinDescription.
3. Edit skin.xml
Notice about comments: You can use XML comments <! – This is a comment -> comment out the parts of your XML. Cities Skylines Mod
3.0 Open _SapphireSkin / skin.xml and edit the first line with your name and the name skin author <SapphireSkin name = “<YOUR NAME HERE DA>” author = “<YOUR NAME HERE>”>
3.1 Next define all modules of your skin by using the following syntax. Leather Module is the XML file which defines how your skin looks. You may have many of them as you want. Be sure to use the module to divide your skin ingenious easier to edit. All modules are loaded and applied in the order specified in skin.xml.
3.2 Next you will determine your skin sprites used. You only need to identify new sprites if you want to replace any of the default of the game. Sprites exist inside the atlas. You can define any number of files that you want to map. Each atlas is 2048×2048 pixels in size, so you will need to create separate atlas if you have multiple sprites. Note that each UI element can only have an atlas delivered at a time, which means the sprites used for similar components must be in the same atlas.
3.3 Determination of the color of your skin
Sapphire lets you identify colors with the name that you can use from anywhere in your skin. They are defined in skin.xml like this:
<Color name = “ExampleHEXColor”> #FFFFFF </ color>
<Color name = “ExampleRGBColor”> 81, 97, 149, 255 </ color>
</ Colors>
4. Write a skin module
Note: For more information about skin text module please see references Skin modules.
Skin is the core module of your skin. They identify the user interface components and nature of your skin will change. You can modify any property of any UIComponent in the hierarchy.
5. The basic work
At this point you may be familiar with the basics but still wondering how the basic work will look like. Here is a workflow example that you can use and tweak to your liking:
For each component in the user interface that you want to re-design in several ways:
Activate the “development” of the spaces in the dashboard of Sapphire. This mode will draw the boundaries of all the UI components as well as allowing you to view the properties of a specific component by hovering over it.
6. Publish your skin
You can put your skin on Steam Workshop mod like any other code. Jump to content -> Mods in C: S and use the ‘Share’ entry of your skin in the list. Users register with your skin will automatically be able to see it in their list of da Sapphire. If you wish to update your skin, you can do it like other code mods – delete the mod folder from AppData, registered with it in the workshop and then modify it from your directory and user conferences the button ‘Update’ in the game.