Thứ Ba, 26 tháng 5, 2015

Mod Skylines Overwatch

Skylines Overwatch help optimize performance monitoring framework ID to track and classify the buildings, vehicles, citizens … This is a monitoring framework can be attached to other mods to get the ID operation for those activities they need, and save developers from having to separate the mod operation ID from their activities.
The cities skylines mod Code ‘does not automatically provide direct access to the activity ID. When creating a new building, the game will select a user ID from the complete set. But without a record of all the activity ID, a modder looking to check all buildings will be created around the entire ID 32768 may only find the numbers really work. Overwatch clock sky on your city for ID active in several dozen categories, such as residents, seagulls, police cars, etc. If you need to get the ID operates in a category to be monitored, then you will not have to do much more than a simple call to skyscrapers Overwatch, ask for them. You no longer have to figure out how to get them and how to do it effectively.
Great Idea existing mods and mod settle around changing some aspects of an asset has been created, such as a building, a car, or residents. Without an easy way to access directly the operation ID, many mods are overwritten underlying game code to achieve their change effectively. However, only one mod can override a specific game code at a time. This means that some mods can not work together, although their changes are compatible concepts. You can do everything in the sky Overwatch by yourself. Another benefit of open source projects that you can take what you need, without having to commit the whole project.

Mod Terrain Height Overlay

Add a terrain height overlay Cities Skylines Mods. Now you can plan your cities around the hills. The first mod so the buttons are a bit ugly. If someone can help me, I also want to change the color and accuracy of the coating
The terrain – Overlay dialog allows us to cover the surface topography with photos, objects from drawings, labels or other surfaces. Many photographs, drawings, labels and the surface may be coated simultaneously. The image will be re-sampled and “spray paint” or “coat” surface topography. The objects from the drawing to be converted into the equivalent 3D object is placed in the landscape and 3D terrain. The colors used to draw objects superimposed terrain will be taken from their format in their drawings home. Overlay one image or another component in a terrain
1. Verify that the terrain and all the components to be covered are georegistered correct by viewing the surface of the terrain and the ingredients together in a map.
2. Open the topography of the terrain window.
3. Select Terrain – Overlay.
4. In the Components window, check the check box of the components to be covered. Use the scroll button in the toolbar of the dialog box to move the components up and down to the order in which they are covered.
5. Select the desired option for the area, labels, lines and points, and click OK.
The choice of terrain – Overlay dialog allows control how objects are represented by drawing 3D objects in view the terrain.
Check one of the options displayed (Embedded texture or paint on the terrain) to display the area, labels, lines or spots in the coating. Without Embedded texture nor on the terrain paint is checked, then the object of that type will not appear in the coating. Overlays can be very slow to initially calculate the graphics card does not support hardware texture. Even in fast card, the initial calculation of a coating can take a few minutes. After displaying the terrain to cover, watch will continue at normal speed.

Thứ Ba, 19 tháng 5, 2015

Night Light Mod + Cycle

Cities: Skylines still shortcomings when it started on the night. So, this mod will give you tools to support to see things better. This mod provides the frame rate when streetlights are added. The street will be illuminated by electric lighting systems. The other area to look at would include buildings, street lights, traffic lights, and also anything else that must be highlighted. What has been achieved so far with the car will be very good light so let’s hope it grows further and we all will be clad in the city full time night light.
The mod features are:
-5 Cubemaps reflection / new environment. Games only two that do not reflect actual supply on the building.
– More realistic day-night cycle. Includes a beautiful sunrise with yellow horizon, a gray morning, a light lunch really clear without color distortion and an actual orange horizon than at dusk.
– More realistic view depends on the sky / city reflected on the buildings.
– Add daylight ralistic, not everything looks golden again. – “Blue hour” after sunset for a great night photos.
– Brighter nighlights to build games that do not affect the project with custom shaders
– Do not overload than white building facades during the day – No orange abstract thinking more on the buildings, now they reflect the sky from time to time during the day. AM
– Make the default shader nightlights build brighter without affecting custom shaders, it will also improve their reflexes and reduce specularity to avoid burns white area.
-Shorter Shadow at noon. (V1.2.1 and v1.2.2) new cubemaps: With a view depends accurate reflection I mean the game reflect on or botom of the cubemap depending on the camera position. The mod is based on, Moving Sun, is very customizable. You can make a day and night cycle takes 24 hours time if you want. Many argue that the night time a lot more convincing and lit up enough, even without the lights coming from inside the building. This is a good idea to us this excellent mod. you can also contribute ideas for us.

Night Mod, Beta

Night mod, mod support beta is a game cities skylines player when the city turned off the lights. Moving Sun from rmbackslash is needed to run this mod. This is required to manipulate if you want to use them.
These users have ever used this mod was very satisfied. However, they did not forget the comment to mod increasingly more complete. Such as hoped mod will be optimized, time changes …

Thứ Ba, 12 tháng 5, 2015

Enhanced Hearse Ai

Enhanced AI Hearse on cities skylines mod require you to oversee the funeral service. This mods used on the existing game and may disable at any time. It will not cause any change on the savegames and not create permanent change. Enhanced AI Hearse not create a conflict with the original game code and do not conflict with other mods code.

To be able to use this mods effectively, you need to know: Inside the cottage outside an area with parks and secondary pickup.
Hearse in priority areas mods always pick their own. Source:

Traffic Report Tool 1.4

To find out why gioa communication is not supported, you can use immediately mod Traffic Report Tool 1.4. On this tool will give you different utilities to help you play the game cities skylines mods
User manual:
To activate the tool, select the radio button in the upper left side of the info button to see. Your cursor will change to a magnifying glass. It will provide you with 3 different levels of inspection:
-th Least, choose a car * will display its current path to its destination.
– Second, choose a ramp will show you the path of all vehicles currently on the road passing through it.
Tuesday, choosing a project will give you all the way out of the car or going to or leaving it.
The renewal of interest to you: free camera fixed, Change visibility of vehicles, displays the percentage of traffic maps, Button will be hidden when using HideUI, good graphics.

Thứ Năm, 7 tháng 5, 2015

Extended Public Transport Ui

With this mod, you will be given a list of supplements and buttons for bus, subway and train. Now, you just press the button in the control panel to take public transportation to the UI extension.
The main features you can exploit in this mod in the game Cities: Skylines. First, players can view the list for the bus, subway and train. Second, you can toggle the public roads individuals. Besides, you can hide the other roads on the map.
The new definition of mod:
-ColorPicker Currently working
-Lines Being arranged to rename
-Natural classification instead lexicographical sorting
-Name long lines are trimmed. There are a number of problems, back in a future update
-Zebra Striped background
-Control table is rolled
-Hidden flow does not appear again when in edit mode
-Check box fixed in most cases

Extended Road Upgrade

In this mod, you will be provided with two additional tools to help build road upgrade from one-way and two-way and redirects to the one-way street.
Just click on the path and drag in the direction you want to go, you can change them.
This toolkit will be useful to you during the game. But not everyone can use it competently.
The route is always transferred to the partners of the same type, so it does not matter which path you have chosen type of tool path. This also means that it can not be directly transferred to a road 4-lane one-way street, because there is no 4-lane one-way street kind of game. Instead, you must first upgrade path to a path with 2 or 6 lanes and then convert it into a one-way street. It is always recommended that you save your city before using the mod.
Hopefully this mod will be great help for you in the game Cities Skylines.