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Mod Mesh Info

Games Cities Skylines Mod  is a game to be released for PC and genre city construction developed by the company Colossal Order. While new launches this year, but this game has caused a lot of attention and become the most popular game today. Gamers will be performing the duties as an expert on urban planning. For yourself to build a city with the design logic and scientific truth. Public buildings located, placed where roads … It all depends on planning and implementation. Roads can be built straight or freeform and cities do not need to stick to the grid diagrams. Different road width will accommodate different traffic volume, and variations of these sugars as reducing noise pollution or increasing property values ​​in the surrounding area that construction costs increase for City of friends.
Custom mod through the addition of user-generated content as buildings or vehicles, are supported in the Skylines. Players can download the content on this page of our words. And below is the text of an essential mod for this game are: Mesh Info. You’ve tried to learn concepts optimized custom property is like. This mod will help users to customize their property and help creators to optimize their work for the games they participate. A new feature in this mod that is: If the steam overlay is enabled, double clicking the page name will open the workshop of property you want. The original idea of ​​this mod is derived from aubergine10.
Instructions on how to use the mod so that the most effective:
– Please Load a saved game and then hit Ctrl + M to display dashboard
You should note a small detail is: It does not work on managing the menu / main content. The property must be loaded into memory for information. The panel will only appear in the game. Weight represents the density of the triangles per cubic meter (triangle / m³). It is a better representation of the optimization of the assets compared with the number of triangles alone because it takes into account the size of the object. A larger audience will usually have better geometry.
However, because the weight is red does not mean the property is necessarily bad. Just as it is very detailed and can affect more performances. These colors are intended to serve as a guideline for asset planners to determine how their work is optimized for games. In the majority of asset default (see super secret key combination) weighing less than 100 and rarely above 200. For Lods it is about 5 and 10. It is the reference value I got for the color. Gray number is Steam ID. You can copy it and edit the url in your browser to access the property page of the workshop. <SteamID>
In addition, the super secret key combination Ctrl + Alt + Shift + M will show the default properties along with custom accessories!
Additional planned in future
– Box Search
– Preview Live

Mod Ambient Sounds Tuner

Marginalized game not only can disable the sound of wind, but you can also change the volume of each sound category in your game. Bored listening to the sound of wind when zoomed, but the players still want to hear ambient sound while gaming? This mod will allow players to adjust each ambient sound different types separately entering this game. After installing this mod to the game and go to the audio setup, players will see a new button that appears opens a new window, where you can change the volume of all the sounds around and the effect sound to the game.
Steam Workshop and to register with the mod, it will install automatically. This will also keep it updated with newer versions. If you want to do it by hand, you can copy this repo, compile the code yourself and to the DLL file in your mods folder
Technically, the title Ambient Sounds Tuner is not right anymore since the first update after the initial release, the ability to adjust the sound effects are added. But the old name was set in stone, so players will just go with it. Just keep in mind that the buttons in the options sound in this game is now called Sounds Tuner Tuner instead of Ambient Sounds. Although it is not necessary, if the nodes are not shown after activation, try to restart the game cities skylines mods. This mod is basically set the mass of each siren to 0 in the same position as any Ambient Sounds Tuner. However, Ambient Sounds Tuner allows users to customize the volume of each sound effect according to the user’s preferences. So SilenceObnoxiousSirens is not necessary when using Ambient Sounds Tuner.
This mod is based on version 1.1.0 of the city skyline, and it does not guarantee that it will work on future versions. I’ll try to keep it as updated as newer versions have been released however. If a newer version of the skyscraper city break your game, do not worry. This mod should not disrupt the user’s savings (as far as I know). Just disable the mod in this period until an updated version of this mod is released.  This mod in the game should be compatible with all the mods, as long as they do not change the following:
The value of AudioManager.instance.m_properties.m_ambients.
M_audioInfo values ​​within a EffectInfo it is a SoundEffect.
This mod is basically set the mass of each siren to 0 in the same position as any Ambient Sounds Tuner. However, Ambient Sounds Tuner allows players to customize the volume of each sound effect player’s liking. So SilenceObnoxiousSirens is not necessary when using Ambient Sounds Tuner.
In the process of installing and using this mod, if found any errors in the process of use, please report it to us. We are happy for their cooperation and your trust.

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Mod Enhanced Build Panel (V1.1 Safe)

Update mod will not take effect until you completely exit the game!
You must click on the mind when hundreds of times to “move” through your thumbnails?
You can find a great new entry in the workshop and are filled with fear with other ideas to add to the mix click?
Mod below will help you do that. This is an updated version of Improvement Panel building from nlight. Mod was removed from the steam at some point, I’ve updated the code and now sent it to those who are suffering from carpal tunnel.
– Describe the mod:
This mod allows players to resize and move the construction board (the property owners) during game play. It also lets you move with your mouse wheel anywhere in the screenshot.
– The plate is supported in the mod?
Panels are supported
Roads, Avenues, highways, intersections
Water / Wastewater
Mass Transit
The park
The unique building
– Manipulation
Press and hold the CTRL key LEFT
Press and hold the left mouse button in any activity one (not disabled) assets in the window.
Continue to hold both LEFT CTRL key and mouse button down, move the mouse to drag the window.
Release the button when you are satisfied with the position.
– Guidance
Back up your saved game. This mod does not touch anything that they should corrupt, but you should back them up anyway. If they get damaged, I can not fix them.
-Change The size Panel
Locate the two small arrow in the lower right corner of the panel directly below the scroll bar.
Press and hold the left mouse button on the arrows.
Continue to hold the left mouse button and drag to resize the window.
If you decide you like it, please be so kind and never hit the thumb on the little guy right up there under the screenshot. And click on it so small. It will make him shine. If you do that, dogs and unicorns play in the field together. If you have problems, please post them than just unsubscribe. Your feedback on bugs and compatibility issues, just to enrich the entire community.
– Compatibility Matrix mod:
Compatible incompatible Mixed Reports
modTools roll Toolbar *
* Scroll Toolbar: Inaccurate incompatibility, it just does not work on my plate, but since my plate was allowed to move them not contradictory and can improve the overall experience.
Please download and use this mod. Use it and play a game with it, it might be a small correction, but I believe it is also helpful in the long run.
Subscribe to our page regularly for timely updates of new mod. The mod will get us posted with detailed guidelines on the functions, tasks and how to perform … The mod will help you play games easily and earn higher achievement.
The mod are posted and downloaded for free. We enclose your source for easy use. I wish you success with this game Cities: Skylines.

Mod Scrollable Toolbar

Players can destroy your left mouse button for all that clicking on the right arrow on the toolbar, just to get that piece of road is the road near the end? All that will not happen! This mod allows mouse scroll wheel in the toolbar. Now players can save their precious mouse and your precious time when playing this game Cities Skylines. This mod patches user interface toolbar in such a way, that move with the mouse becomes possible. It does not matter which players hover with your mouse, as long as it’s on the toolbar. Therefore, it should be compatible with most, if not all, mods here. If a mod happen to use user interface toolbar similar to the game itself (like Traffic ++), then this mod will work for the user interface of this mod too.
This mod is based on version 1.1.0 of the city skyline, and it does not guarantee that it will work on future versions. I’ll try to keep it as updated as newer versions have been released however.
If a newer version of the skyscraper city break your game, do not worry. This mod should not break your savings (as far as I know). Just disable the mod in this period until an updated version of this mod is released
The function of mods
Patch panels vanilla toolbar to be scrolled with the mouse wheel.
Add a small button in the upper right corner of the toolbar allows players to switch between normal width and width expansion. However, note that this feature will automatically disable partially or completely if other mods change the toolbar. This mod should be compatible with all the mods, as long as they do not change the following:
Detouring of UIInput.MouseHandler.ProcessInput ()
Changing tables in the toolbar in a manner such that this mod can not find the container it must patch again (UIScrollablePanel in TSContainer)
Special support:
Traffic ++ (automatic, since it uses the same user interface as the game itself)
Support limitations:
Strengthen building Panel
Only the panels that enhance the building Panel does not overwrite, supported by roll Toolbar.
Players can find the power button for a second show sometimes it is not deemed to be, but it’s nothing to worry about.
Leather Sapphire
The feature to switch the toolbar width is disabled. We can not guarantee that it works for all skin types out there (and skin can drastically change the layout!).
Although roll Toolbar has limited functionality with the mods, roll Toolbar will work well with the mods.
Please keep in mind that setting up the development environment of the player is a little different from the wiki city skyline. Instead of hardcoding dependent on the solution file, the player must specify the path yourself as a user profile will not be pushed to the repo. To do this, after the player has opened the project in Visual Studio, go to the project settings, the path references, and more steamapps / Common / Cities_Skylines / Cities_Data / Management folder.
Also, avoid adding references hardcoded in the solution file if players want to send a pull request.

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Mod Sapphire – Ui Skin Framework

Sapphire is a framework that allows complete regeneration of the skin layer user interface of the game by using a language similar to HTML and CSS.
Create a new skin for Sapphire
Make a new skin for Sapphire is a transition. Below is an overview of the steps necessary to create a skin:
1.2 Navigate to Skins / Emerald folder.
Copy the contents of this folder to the C: mods S.
The mods folder is a different place, depending on your operating system, here’s a list to help:
Windows – C: \ Users \ <USERNAME YOU> \ AppData \ Local \ Colossal self \ Cities_Skylines \ Addons \ mods \
Linux – ~ / .local / share / Colossal Order / Cities_Skylines / Addons / Mods
OSX – / users / Support Library / Application / Colossal Order / Cities_Skylines / Addons / Mods
Mods /
Emerald /
_SapphireSkin /
Modules /
Sprites /
Source /
After stepping through the skin should be shown in the list in-game skin Sapphire.
2. Edit SapphireSkin.cs
Open Source / SapphireSkin.cs and name of your skin and describe where it says YourSkinName and YourSkinDescription.
3. Edit skin.xml
Notice about comments: You can use XML comments <! – This is a comment -> comment out the parts of your XML. Cities Skylines Mod
3.0 Open _SapphireSkin / skin.xml and edit the first line with your name and the name skin author <SapphireSkin name = “<YOUR NAME HERE DA>” author = “<YOUR NAME HERE>”>
3.1 Next define all modules of your skin by using the following syntax. Leather Module is the XML file which defines how your skin looks. You may have many of them as you want. Be sure to use the module to divide your skin ingenious easier to edit. All modules are loaded and applied in the order specified in skin.xml.
3.2 Next you will determine your skin sprites used. You only need to identify new sprites if you want to replace any of the default of the game. Sprites exist inside the atlas. You can define any number of files that you want to map. Each atlas is 2048×2048 pixels in size, so you will need to create separate atlas if you have multiple sprites. Note that each UI element can only have an atlas delivered at a time, which means the sprites used for similar components must be in the same atlas.
3.3 Determination of the color of your skin
Sapphire lets you identify colors with the name that you can use from anywhere in your skin. They are defined in skin.xml like this:
<Color name = “ExampleHEXColor”> #FFFFFF </ color>
<Color name = “ExampleRGBColor”> 81, 97, 149, 255 </ color>
</ Colors>
4. Write a skin module
Note: For more information about skin text module please see references Skin modules.
Skin is the core module of your skin. They identify the user interface components and nature of your skin will change. You can modify any property of any UIComponent in the hierarchy.
5. The basic work
At this point you may be familiar with the basics but still wondering how the basic work will look like. Here is a workflow example that you can use and tweak to your liking:
For each component in the user interface that you want to re-design in several ways:
Activate the “development” of the spaces in the dashboard of Sapphire. This mode will draw the boundaries of all the UI components as well as allowing you to view the properties of a specific component by hovering over it.
6. Publish your skin
You can put your skin on Steam Workshop mod like any other code. Jump to content -> Mods in C: S and use the ‘Share’ entry of your skin in the list. Users register with your skin will automatically be able to see it in their list of da Sapphire. If you wish to update your skin, you can do it like other code mods – delete the mod folder from AppData, registered with it in the workshop and then modify it from your directory and user conferences the button ‘Update’ in the game.

Mod Read All About It!

This is a mod newspaper to relive the glory days of the newspaper is modeled in simulation of our city. Just click on the button at the top right corner to open the newspaper. Re-click on the button or press Escape to close the window.
Current features:
* Some sample stories
* Word bank
* Button to move the story
* Automatic detection of the cities skylines mods and district name
* Rough Page
* Name mayor and gender in the configuration file
* Located in the directory under the sky “steamapps / common / Cities_Skylines” file
* Config is created after the mod is activated and the alarm is opened once future feature:
* Multiple story
* Establishment of city
* Posts Milestone
* Health / transportation / technology / politics, etc.
* Improve the story with random information more
* Improved interface window alarm
* Many of the stories in the newspaper window
* Random ad
Known issues:
* Name will not be re-scanned district until the city is saved and re-load the file
* Config can break if the mark is used in the text
New citizens in Sunshine Town
You can see a few more neighbors on your boulevard. Since last week, there was a wave of oil riches of the people who move into the Sunshine Town, and were looking for a place to call home slope. A citizen, Bernhard Zimmerman, exclaimed, “I love this city. It was very happy, not to mention collossal. Town of East Acres my ex is very small, and has no room for expansion . How can anyone live like that? “.
A demonstration of the powerful programming march towards the office of mayor. Many roundabouts on the way they were doing their circulation is quite elegant.
A teacher whispered, “I have never seen anything more thoughtless.”
New Trend of Social Media
As you’ve no doubt heard, there is a new trend on Chirper stress. All around burg, Chirpers are chirping mechanically to undress their apples. A teenager revealed, “Of course we undress our apples. It’s more than specks Rolly polly-them. Obviously.”. The older generation has reacted as one of the news: in fear and disgust. Old Mr. O’Hare said: “Back in my day, we discovered our apples! Now I believe-whistle escape!”
Chases Sea Captain Whale-Oil Lantern
In the trial of Judge Zimmerman, the captain Nigel Bruno could face a 6 year sentence on charges of chasing a whale-oil lantern. Defense has entered no excuse. The trial is expected to last 16 weeks, as the prosecution is difficult to find experts on whale-chasing lantern oil.
The Sunshine Town convention center is rented to a benefit for the affected. The meal was proud, but not enough meat to go around aarvark.
The volume of pig
Vinci Lane saw a destruction of pigs recently. Locals relocation of pig quirkily as volume down on the lanes. Local resident Daniel had this to say, “I’ve never seen anything like this! The last time someone happy this happened was when the dropbear sell my goat!”.
Do not know why some biologists to meet such an understanding to this.
The local health experts say plebs should not try out, adding that it is harmful to the forehead.

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Mod Vehicle Remover

The city’s skyline has achieved remarkable success in such a short time since its launch. That is not unworthy, as our review indicated, but still have a few issues with the game that has yet to be resolved with the update. Although these issues do not ruin the experience, their resolution will result in a game that makes planning your city more interesting and a little less tedious. We support the mod to your game easier to play.
Currently, the mod-friendly city building city: the skyline is filled with free gifts, and continues to grow more than a thousand new items every day. Users have difficulty at work is not only build their city, but the mapping, mods, assets, and tools for others to enjoy. We made a journey through the article, and this is what we recommend for those looking to improve their city.
Let’s start with the mods! After registering, you just activate it from the menu content management. Remember mods Skyscraper ‘is global, so if you activate one, it will be valid for all the games you play, until you turn it off.
This article we will introduce Vehicle Mod Remover
This mod allows participants to play prevent specific types of vehicles appear in the game Cities Skylines. With the ability to add custom car, you may want to remove some of the default ones. For example, you may want all your bus to have a very specific customizations. I order to do that you need to have the ability to disable the default. That’s where this mod useful. This mod will help you be more proactive in their choice. There will not be any means that may be difficult for you because you have now a separate program for yourself.
When first loading a save (or create a new city) will have a configuration file is created. This file should be placed in the same directory where cities.exe is. It must be something like this: C: \ ProgramFiles \ Steam \ steamapps \ common \ Cities_Skylines \ VehicleRemover.xml By editing this file with a text editor (notepad is enough), you can choose what kind of car are activated. The savings must be reloaded for the changes to take effect. All values ​​are true or false.
Disable all vehicles of a particular service would prevent it to work as no car will be able to spawn. Make sure you have at least one car available for each service. This will help you play the game easier.
During use errors have occurred. Please kindly let us know. We are very grateful for that.

Mod Precision Engineering

Contents of mod
Precision Engineering adds angle and measure the distance to the City: Skyscraper Compatible with 1.1.0. This is the premise to help you play the game easier. if necessary to the position, distance, then this game will not make you any more difficult.
The main features of this mod that you should know:
– Add angle and distance measurements to build roads or railways.
– Keep CTRL to allow shooting angle (in part 5 degrees)
– Hold SHIFT to activate the display more information
– Do not override the default Nettool, so should be compatible with most other mods.
Remember carefully the above features that can pass easily play offline!
The mod is updated on our site is completely free. visit if you encounter difficulties during the search mod. We will support you. Site fully updated and supports the latest mod free download.
About the game Cities: Skylines
Cities Skylines the city building game developed by Colossal Order and published by Paradox Interactive. Cities Skylines is no limit. You are only limited by your imagination, so please control and reach the sky! Cities: Skylines is a city building game. Game allows you to live in a world where we are making up the rules. Cities and Skylines allowed game6789 you create the city of their dreams. Cities Skylines is no limit. You are only limited by your imagination, so please control and access to the sky !.
Cities Skylines no breakthrough but much improved compared to the city simulation game currently, Cities Skylines for players to bring a sustainable gameplay, promoted very well the unique Vietnam ahead of the game .

You will easily find the factors “must have” game simulation of a city building. From size map, bridge building, road, planned residential areas, industrial zones … Cities Skylines are sure to make you satisfied. The choices are often seen in the city building game like transportation systems, education, electricity – water, police, firefighters … all are present in the Cities Skylines.
The statistics on pollution levels, education levels at all levels, noise pollution or city revenue and expenditure statistics, priority investments in specific areas … are designed very intuitive and can easily consult with a few simple clicks.
Order Colosal Ltd. Cities Skylines creates a balance of almost every element. A person exposed to this category can easily get acquainted with the game, and also Cities Skylines all factors that a player “hard” genre of city building simulation headaches seek direction to handle.
Are distributed through Steam, Cities Skylines fully compatible with the Steam Workshop. This means that players can easily download these revisions (mod), the new maps or even the city are made by the community “modder” of Cities Skylines. Even gaming experience will also change with the revision being installed.
Citiess: kylines is a game that requires a lot of skill and intelligence. Participation in this game is a way for you to train thinking ability and memory everyday.

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Mod German Roads

German Mod Roads in Cities Skylines Mods  adds with typical German game.
That confirms, the new path is only a copy of the existing sugar with different properties.
To use it, open the route menu, click the “GR” tab and you can draw and put the roads as you want.
The main role of the mod:
-Bundesstrasse: Like Basic / trail but reached 100. The line speed is not modified, planning.
Three Lanes -Autobahn DC: Basically like the highway, but reaches speeds of 200.
-Autobahn Ramp: A two-lane ramp oneway with maximum speed of 80.
All roads run with highwayRules, which prevent bird flu from doing stupid stuff like parking on the Autobahn.
All the paths are configured so as not to create traffic light on the intersection. If you need them anyway, using the mod “Toggle traffic lights”. Works like a charm.
– Bundesstrasse Four Lanes: Similar to the average road with four-lane, two for each direction, divided by a grass lane. Maximum speed is 100, no planning permission!
-Autobahn: Similar to the average road with four-lane, two for each direction, divided by concrete lane. Speed ​​200 !!! There is no plan!
The downside of this mod is the maximum permissible speed is relatively small. It ranges from 100-200, maybe even 80. It was only way that players desire even speed 400.
Also, no picture preview in tooltips and the mod itself.
The Mod “Lane Changer” from crunchy basically works, the vehicle will follow the set, but doesnt change the lane markers.
While downloading, the route of GR-Panel sometimes get confused. This is just an error cosmetical.Cac Map Editor sometimes mixed up table GR and SR (Some Roads) panel, left one of them or even both empty.
With new gameplay elements to convey traffic what it means to build a real city and further development. The developers have a lot of Colossal row experience to create complex simulation world and fully functional, this line here as a complete transportation system. Develop or improve your current card and infrastructure. Put it in your games or share your creations with the online community.
You play as a leader and is responsible for the functionality of your city. Citizens need education, electricity, water, fire, and a health care system, as well as a strong economy. This depends on many factors including German mod Roads. Please seize the opportunity to use this mod to exert maximum power.
While downloading, the route of GR-Panel sometimes get confused. This is only a cosmetical errors.
The Map Editor is sometimes mixed up table GR and SR (Some Roads) panel, left one of them or even both empty.
Finally you have accumulated enough money to accomplish this is the second part of its highways. Of course, this can only be achieved by a driveway pompous, as appropriate for your city!

District Ui Tweaks: Hide Names

District UI Tweaks: Hide Names assist users to make improvements in the game interface. Players will dduwojcj displayed in different ways depending on your needs. you can change the editorial policy as well as the city where you are playing.

Gamers City Skylines will help a lot when using this mod.