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Mod Building Themes

This mod support players can apply for a building topic the entire district or the city where you are engaged construction. Only the building is contained in one of the selected topics will grow up in a district.
Some features of this mod:
– Add tab ‘Themes’ district policy panel in game.
– Filter the buildings in the district are operating under the theme districts.
– Provides two concepts are built in the theme, “Europe” and “internationalization”
– Store building topic in an XML file ({Steam folder} \ steamapps \ common \ Cities_Skylines \ BuildingThemes.xml)
– Allows players to add custom themes and extensions built into the theme through the XML configuration file (The latter will be able to user interface – see section ‘upcoming feature “)
– Saving data in XML files districts for every game saved (buildingThemesSave_ {ID} .xml). They can be found in the Steam folder {} \ steamapps \ common \ Cities_Skylines \ Cities_Data. Cloud saves support too. To delete the assignment topic just delete the files.
Players can use the tab ‘Themes’ to enable or disable the theme districts in this game. You can specify any number of active threads. Without the active theme for the district it would mean that any growable allowed.
Biome’s native theme will be enabled by default (theme ‘Europe’ for the biomes ‘Europe’, topic ‘international’ to ‘Boreal’, ‘moderate’ or biomes animals ‘tropical’).
Topics are specified across the city will apply for each new district you more automatic in the game Cities Skylines.
If you redraw district boundaries of the buildings of the district, not issue will not disappear. When it is time for them to upgrade them to level up to a building permit in the district.
The advantage of this mod:
– It will not corrupt your save games if you disable it
– It does not unlock European growables biomes outside Europe or vice versa. Use Unlocker European Buildings for that.
Upcoming Features:
Develop UI Manager: Allows you to create your own themes (supports vanilla and custom properties)
This mod should be 100% compatible with all other mods. If it’s not just for us.
Mods need to do to use this with a:
European buildings Unlocker (+ reverse): It fixes the biggest disappointment I had with the C: SL v1.1 – Euro building environmental limits ‘Europe’. I have also fixed assets Improvement Panel, Panel Mods improved and ModTools to make them compatible with v1.1 + add some new features. They can be found in my workshop
Check Building Level Up: This mod you to Control Your bật city development by preventing buildings from upgrading to A Certain Level. Simple select a (growable) building of your choice and click on one of the level-up and the building will not progressbars Exceed this over lock-level selected. If you select a lower level the actual coal level of the building will be bulldozed it after a while.
There are some errors in the core game code (not related to this mod) that only occurs when you download a city, then go to the main menu / esc, then load another city. We recommend that you restart the game when you want to load a different city / creating a new city!

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