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Modtools [Fixed For V1.1]

ModTools is one game scene graph viewer and a set of tools for asset mods and author.
The main feature of ModTools is the scene explorer which allows you to examine all objects in the current scene (all GameObjects, Components and their fields, properties and methods). It works through reflection and has knowledge of most types you will encounter. You can browse deep within the object hierarchy and see and edit every variable in real-time. The scene explorer allows you to place watches on variables that are of interest which puts them in a separate window for monitoring. I advise you to check out the video above to get an idea how all of this works. This version is compatible with C: SL v1.1 and has some very interesting new features. This is my version of ModTools repair nlight’s great to make it compatible with the C: SL v1.1. We have also fixed two other mods nlight of, Improvement and Improvement Panel Mods Assets Panel. My fixes can be found right here on this page. You can also check new European Buildings Unlocker my mod!
Note: Read the initial description of the guy first before use! This can mod your save games Cities Skylines Mods corrupted.
Note: To use this mod mod you must unsubscribe nlight first original, and then subscribe to my version. They are different products Workshop
Please comment. Pull reqests welcome.
Note: if you have any errors / exceptions, please, do not paste them or output_log.txt to comment. Use pastebin or similar tool.
There are several other things that ModTools will do to make your life easier:
– A much improved debug console (F7) with an integrated stack trace viewer. You should use Unity’s Debug.Log functions[] to log to the new console and not DebugOutputPanel.
– ModTools will catch and display all of your mods’ unhandled exceptions.
– Run any C# code live from the debug console.
– Preview of textures and meshes.
– Shows the asset name for each growable building
– Allows you to easily dump the mesh and textures of any growable from its info panel
– The ModTools font as well as all colors are configurable!
– Improved Steam Workshop integration – ModTools will automatically attach the thumbnail preview image to your mod if it’s located next to your mod’s DLL and named like “PreviewImage.png”, “preview.png” or “Preview.png”. Additionally the name/ description fields will be disabled when updating your mods so they don’t erase the current ones.
– A redesigned mods list.
UPDATE 4 (7/7/2015):
Fixed: Now compatible with mods that provide options button via options API
UPDATE 3 (6/9/2015):
Added: ‘Plop’ button for BuildingInfo. Now you can plop growable assets from Scene Explorer. Just select an item from assets list (usually called ‘m_prefabs’) and put plop it to map. It will survive if it belongs to appropriate zone. Works for ploppables too.
Added: ‘Preview’ and ‘Preview LOD’ buttons for buildings, props and trees in Scene Explorer
Added: Action buttons to list items in Scene Explorer
Added: Texture size to Preview window
Added: Enabled all log channels. Now you should see more logs in output_log.txt.
Fixed: Exception in Preview window if verticles property inaccessible
UPDATE 2 (6/3/2015):
Added: Live preview of assets (mesh with textures applied)
Added: Mesh triangles count in preview window
Changed: Replaced “Dump texture+mesh” with “Preview” button in extended info panels. When “Preview” button is clicked, a preview window opens. “Dump mesh+textures” button can now be found there.
UPDATE 1 (6/1/2015):
Added: “Find in SceneExplorer” button for vehicles (thanks GitHub user Fr0sZ for this feature)
Added: “Dump texture+mesh” button for vehicles
Added: “Find in SceneExplorer” and “Dump texture+mesh” buttons and “Asset name” label for service buildings (e.g. fire departments, schools, unique buildings etc.). The buttons partially cover building description at the moment. I will probably find a better place for them.
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