Thứ Ba, 28 tháng 7, 2015

Rival Cities: Skylines Reach 50 Million Downloads

Join the game SimCity BuildIt, gamers will play a mayor role to shoulder on the construction and management of cities. Developed by EA (Electronic Arts), SimCity game BuildIt bring gamers the building features and management of cities similar original version on PC. Access to gamers through simulation game genre, the game allows players to do all what they want on their vast lands. With all the details is designed to bring true feeling of intimacy, recently hit game SimCity BuildIt landmark 50 million downloads on Google Play Market and iTunes app, a truly enviable figure. Join the SimCity BuildIt, gamers will play a mayor role to shoulder on the construction and management of cities. With his leadership, players will balance the financial, planning an empty piece of land into a bustling urban center. Additionally, gamers must solve common problems in the city really as fire, transport, evils, …
Besides, gamers will need to give your city the basic needs to ensure the happy life of the people here as electricity, water, etc .. In addition, people Players can connect with other players in order to carry out the sale, exchange resources, bring more resources to our city. SimCity is a game version BuildIt developed for smart phones and tablet PCs, game BuildIt SimCity gameplay has been changed to better suit the specific characteristics of this mobile platform. SimCity BuildIt start, players are offered a few blocks of houses, where residents of the players will build their homes. The plot is completely free, but is limited in quantity and can only build after each level up. The same applies to roads. Another difference compared to the pc version, which is the size, direction construction of these buildings can not be freely changed. This makes the city planning will become easier and easier, but on the other hand will limit the player’s creativity. Next is the factories and shops, instead of a direct contribution to the budget in taxes the city, the facility will directly create the necessary raw materials for the development of residential areas. These materials need time to build, while the amount of storage is limited, and if you do not want to wait, the player will have to spend real money unit to accelerate the production process. Cities Skylines Mod
During development of the city, the later stages will need more materials more expensive and rare, and requires much time. These materials can also be purchased from other players when you visit their city, and also can sell their surplus materials to empty warehouses or simply earn some money small.
For players looking forward to an entertaining game to kill time while waiting in public places, such as while waiting for bus, lift or break time in the classroom with your smart phone, the play brings Steam user’s social network game SimCity game BuildIt extremely appropriate. It takes only seconds to harvest, rearranging the production resources, and you will not get too concerned about his city for several hours.
Overall, the game SimCity BuildIt built on the foundation of beautiful 3D graphics, giving players the true feelings. Plus, with a 360 degree rotating camera, gamers can embrace the whole city to resolve issues quickly see the most success as he had lost, strength building.

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