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Mod [Aris] Enhanced Garbage Truck Ai

Monitoring services to ensure that trash dumpers are sent efficiently. See more:
– [ARIS] Enhanced AI Hearse
– [ARIS] Clear Car Stuck
Compared with vanilla AI, AI this:
1. Official much as garbage trucks as needed, as long as the landfill / incinerator is incomplete. Players will no longer see the landfill / incinerator not send out machines running the garbage truck, while your city is being overrun by spam.
2. garbage truck to scavenge efficiently. For a model for trash pickups, waste collection vehicles will be dispatched to solve the model as quickly as possible. This AI will even automatically send a “backup”, if it looks like garbage trucks could not celebrate finishing work. Cities: Skylines
Outside a district
If a landfill / incinerator does not belong to any district, then:
1. Its main welcome area includes all areas within the area of ​​its effective that does not belong to a district
2. Park welcomed its side is the rest of the region with its performance
Within a district
If a landfill / incinerator is within a district, then:
1. Its primary areas are welcomed districts
2. Park welcomed its side is the area with its efficiency, is indicated by the game as a radius with the center building. The area is about 50% of a tile.
Efficiency vs urgent
The pick-up on existing priorities to achieve a good balance between work and garbage trucks as efficiently as possible vs keep your CIMS as happy as possible. When you see a sign of spam, which means that a building has become a nusance and CIMS of you are not happy about it. But if we prioritize trash removal signs as quickly as possible, we will take a big hit on overall efficiency. On the other hand, if we do the opposite, then we will ensure the maximum efficiency of the risk of loss of the abandoned buildings. The benefit is set from both approach by prioritizing the buildings have problems for the overall direction, but also allow pickups of nonproblematic buildings along the way.
Why ask Overwatch sky?
Skyline Overwatch is a highly effective surveillance framework that mods can attach to. By using it, mods attachments without having to monitor your city. This not only makes coding easier mods, but also reduces the burden of each mod on the system.
Dumpers will always give priority to the building of their own welcome area. However, there are some provisions in this general rule:
1. Between the buildings have problems (these show signs of trash) and nonproblematic people (those with no visual clue), dumpers will give priority to those who have problems with pickup
2. However, if they go through a nonproblematic along their path, they’ll pick it up first; but only if it is not behind them
3. If you have a closer building priorities, they will move toward a closer; but only when it is brought along the original
Conflict Resolution
Each landfill / incinerator is its own dispatcher. Dispatcher will try to maximize the effectiveness of all of its garbage trucks, ie reducing the chance that two garbage trucks to be sent to the same location to take. HOWEVER, just like in real life, the dispatchers of different landfills / incinerators will not call each other constantly to ensure they are not all running for the same building.

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